We're proud to present Kate Donovan as our pin-up of the month for April.  As both the brains and body behind Kate's Pinups, a super site with thousands of photos featuring elaborate costumes, sets, and props from the 40s and 50s, she's definitely the pin-up's pin-up.  We managed to catch for an interview inbetween her many travels, and she passed some pictures along to share, as well!

How long have you been a pin-up?
This year marks my fifth year! Wow time flies when you're having fun!!!

What's the coolest thing about running your own pin-up site?
Not having anyone tell you what you can/can't do and the shopping!!!

Who's your favorite current and classic pin-ups?
Gosh there are so many! As for the current ladies of pin-up Bernie Dexter, Lana Landis and Kitten von Mew of course! I would have to add April Atomic and Glamour Lux! The classic pin-ups that come to mind are Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Lana Turner! Sorry but I just don't have one favorite anything, variety is the spice of life right?

What's the best retroDRINK?
Tom Collins or a Highball for me, but the Old Fashioneds and the Grasshoppers are great, too!

What's most surprising thing someone would find in your bedroom?
Well it's not surprising really...over 150 pairs of shoes?!?! Oh wait, I know... how about my pre-ban Benelli.

What's the biggest difference between sexy babes from the 40s and those of today?
Well if you look at the changes in the US culture through the decades there are so many defining factors that were reflected in the pin-up arena. Generally speaking the art of pin-up in the 40s was very playful, patriotic, teasing and very rarely "fetishy" or "vampy". As you look at the pin-ups of the 50's there was still the elements of the 40s. However the outfits changed the hair changed and you saw different props and elements added all while maintaining the girl next door feel. They changed drastically in the mid to late 60s. More and more skin was shown with less and less smiles and tease. As you move into the 70s the lighting changed the fuzzy lens or Vaseline lens came into play. The facial expressions turned from fun and teasing to more of a porn expression I call it the "_" me face. I believe pin-up is an art and should be loved and respected for what it is with out blending it in to the fetish arenas.

What movie makes you cry? What song?
I will not watch movies that make me cry. Song all be it unwillingly - "If I Died In Your Arms" by Devil Doll and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Why are retro-pin-up girls so popular now?
I would say people are longing for something that has seemed to have gotten lost. From the 40s till now I have only seen a few modern day pin-up girls that have had that spark and a teasing nature that beckons your eyes to the pictures. Some how they don't seem to be able to hold on to it and embrace it, the "industry" seems to strip them of it. To me the true pin-ups are those of the 40s and 50's or those recreating the same style and feel, And it would seem that I am not the only one to think so.

What do you like doing with your free time?
What is free time?

One last dinner, and one last dessert, what would they be?
A 5 star dinner in the most exclusive Manhattan restaurant. For desert I would go to the Mezzatorre Resort in Italy, secluded in a Junior Park Suite sat in the private Jacuzzi, overlooking the Bay of Naples. As a chef food is very important but as a lady the atmosphere and company take precedent.

How long does it take to prepare a photo shoot?
It really depends on the shoot, it can be anywhere from 2 1/2 - 6 hours. In that time I might be sewing on a costume or building the last bit of a set all while waiting for my curls to dry!

How many members do you have on your website?
Oh it varies month to month. It has been paying my bills and allowing me to travel for the last 3 years though!

What would you say your official occupation is?
Retro Pin-up Model, Internet business owner, Webmaster/admin for and, Mentor/software provider to those partnered with the pin-up Portal, Site Designer, Shoot Director, Set designer, Costume Director, Hair/Make-up stylist, Digital Photo Processor, etc...

What's the secret to keeping amazing looking teeth?
Well I paid for my braces when I was 18 but other than that I think lots of smiles must keep them gleaming!

What was your favorite toy as a kid?
Hot Wheels and my BMX bike! Yep I was a tom-boy for sure!

On Halloween what candy did you wish for?
It didn't matter my Mom would swap it out for health food candy anyway.

Ever get recognized on the street?
Yea, from time to time. Mostly at rockabilly shows. I found it most startling when a taxi driver asked for my autograph or when I was sat on a plain to England next to a couple that were fans of mine! Whaaaa! So Weird! Everyone has been so nice though! It's always great to get to hear from fans face to face, even if mine does get beet red!

Thanks again for the time and wonderful pictures, Kate!

-Robert Berry






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