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Friday, August 24, 2007
Friendly Fire
What a funny term. You accidentally shoot a fellow solider and it's called friendly fire. That's a pretty shitty friend. So if you knife you're girlfriend is that a "love stab"?
Anonymous said...
If you knife your girlfriend you're just acting like a man after her heart.
A little Cryptkeeper joke there, to share with you.

Clay said...
David Cross had a joke about that.

Gadgetgirl said...
Friendly Fire rolls off the tongue easier than:

Oops, My Bad Blast
Oh S_it! Shot
Accidental Assasination

Toby said...
Robert, I want my $3.00. LOL. Things have changed big time here. Where is Vette? If you still speak with her tell her I said hi and she can email me at toby.victory@gmail.com. Thanks.