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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Remembering The King
The New York Times has a pretty swell piece on Jack Kirby today. Here's an excerpt:

Mr. Kirby did a lot more than just draw. As the critic Gary Groth so ably put it in The Comics Journal Library, “He barreled like a freight train through the first 50 years of comic books like he owned the place.” He mastered and transformed all the genres, including romance, Westerns, science fiction and supernatural comics, before he landed at Marvel.

CLICK HERE for the entire article.
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Ryan said...
Kirby truly was comic book royalty. Although the team of 'The King' Kirby and Stan 'The Man' Lee is best remembered, he had just as fruitful a collaboration (if not even more so) with Joe 'no moniker but deserves one' Simon. Not mentioned in the article, post-Marvel was his fruitful creation of the Fourth World in the DC Universe (He made Darkseid!), and his pioneer work in independent publishing.

His life and work seems to mirror to some degree the career of Gunpei Yokoi, game designer and creator of the 'Game Boy'. Yokoi was also eclipsed by his longtime collaborator Shigeru Miyamoto (they worked together on games like Mario Bros and Donkey Kong) and only recently recognized as well.

Another Nintendo connection: they have a video game character named 'Kirby'. I admit, though, playing a floating pink blob that swallows powerups is not the best way to remember the guy who created the Fantastic 4, The Hulk and Thor, although it's only slightly less crazy.