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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Hump Day On Your Leg
Check out this picture of Sam Brownback addressing some enthusiastic supporters at a campaign rally.

Jerry Lewis apologizes for using a gay slur at his telethon. Still won't give me my Pride and Joy card back.

Michelle Pfieffer has been voted the Hollywood star that has aged the best. I have to say from seeing her in those commercials for Stardust, I'll agree. Of course, who's the Hollywood Star that hasn't aged the best? I'd have to suggest Jessica Tandy.

A local Sacramento movie theater has been showing retro semi-Midnight movies (10PM) every Thursday. It's usually can't miss selections like "The Shining", "Revenge of the Nerds", and "Scarface", but they're whipping out the crowd pleaser "The Color Purple" tonight. Nothing like a 3 hour sprawling epic about domestic abuse to make the kids go out at night.

I've been watching Heroes Season 1. I missed about the first 6 episodes and was told be friends if I jumped in midstream I'd be missing so much, so I've been plowing through the DVDs so I can be all caught up in time for the October season 2 premiere. So far Hiro, Ando, and Niki are my favorites. Very cool show, though, with lots of great comic book references. I loved when the cop was interrogating Hiro and found a Merry Marvel Marching Society badge in his wallet.
KLJ said...
I'm gonna have to give Jessica Lang the best aged star recognition.