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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Krispy Kardiac

I love going to the fair, and there's no better reason to go to the fair than the deep fried goodness that they sell. Here's Chicken Charlie's from The California State Fair this year. I think they made the frog look too cute and pitiful to make you want to snack on his legs. I've heard about or at least tried most of what's on here, but I'm sad to say I've not yet tried the Elvis inspired deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. The deep fried Coke is a bit misleading, as it's more or less just a funnel cake inside of a Coke cup with some concentrated Coca Cola syrup inside. The deep fried Avocados taste like hot green snot with batter on them. And the Twinkies are OK to try just once, but you'll never really want to eat them again.

The true test of culinary fortitude is this stoner inspired Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich. My stomach is already turning thinking about it again. It's a hot fried chicken patty, in an ice cold Krispy Kreme donut with raspberry jelly. It's a taste than I can only imagine is akin to going down on Courtney Love. Don't plan on riding anything after eating one of these monstrosities.

Ryan said...
How can you go wrong with deep fried meat and high sugar level treats? I got my start dipping McNuggets into sundaes, but it wasn't until I seared my beef steak in Hershey's chocolate syrup that I discovered its true inner joys.

I lied. I got started inhaling confectionary sugar, and then picking my boogers.

WEISSMAN said...
We saw this one at the LA County Fair. I'm disappointed they didn't fry the sandwich after assembly, like a chimichanga or something.

My kid insisted upon the frog legs, he'd read of it in Little Lulu, and ate um all!