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Monday, September 10, 2007
The MTV Video Music Awards were never relevant, but at least the shows have been entertaining in the past. Last night's fiasco was a horrible piece of shit from top to bottom. First you have Britney Spears lip syncing and shaking her way too flabby body to be wearing just black panties on stage and turning out to be one of the biggest embarrassments in history to start the show off, then you just have a parade of unoriginal overproduced characterless hip hop and teenybopper bands that could completely disappear off the face of the earth without changing the world one bit. With the exception of Rihanna, Kane West and Justin Timberlake, who at least know how to put on a show, the entire night was just a big waste of time. Even the promise of Sarah Silverman's opening monologue fell flat as she stumbled around and blew her jokes. There was even an audible shout of "YOU'RE UGLY!" during her train wreck. Best line of the night went to Justin Timberlake, however, who showed some really big balls by chastising MTV for not playing videos anymore!
Ryan said...
Saw clips of Britney and Pamela Anderson's exes having their little catfight on Spike video. Horrible stuff and definitely don't want to see any more, might be good for a Rifftrax though.