100- The Wicker Man
99- Return of the Living Dead
98- To Kill A Mockingbird
97- Frankenstein
96- Blue Velvet
95- Diabolique
94- Jaws
93- Creepshow
92- Confessions of an Opium Eater
91- The Hills Have Eyes
90- Dumbo
89- The Blair Witch Project
88- Heavy Metal
87- The Shining
86- Night of The Hunter
85- Audition
84- Scanners
83- The Legend of Boggy Creek
82- The Birds
81- Tombs of the Blind Dead
80- Invasion of the Body Snatchers
79- The Crying Game
78- The Exorcist III
77- Event Horizon
76- The Shining
75- Wait Until Dark
74- Silent Scream
73- Gates of Hell
72- Poltergeist II
71- Akira
70- The Evil Dead

69- Zombie
68- Freaks
67- Prince of Darkness
66- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
65- Marathon Man
64- Poltergeist
63- The Wizard of Oz
62- When A Stranger Calls
61- The Shining
60- Pee Wee's Big Adventure
59- Jaws
58- A Clockwork Orange
57- The Exorcist
56- Psycho
55- It
54- The Changeling
53- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
52- The Ring
51- Jaws
50- An American Werewolf In London
49- Trilogy of Terror
48- The Exorcist
47- Eraserhead
46- Salem's Lot
45- Poltergeist
44- Repulsion
43- Friday The 13th
42- Seven
41- Reservoir Dogs
40- King Kong
39- The Thing
38- 28 Days Later
36- Silence of the Lambs
35- The Grudge
34- The Ring
33- Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
32- The Evil Dead 2
31- The Exorcist
30- Alien
29- Phantom of the Opera
28- The Shining
27- Full Metal Jacket
26- Dracula
25- Halloween
24- Suspiria
23- A Nightmare on Elm Street
22- The Serpent and the Rainbow
21- Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
20- Jaws
19- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
18- Nosferatu
17- Misery
16- The Thing
15- Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
14- The Blair Witch Project
13- Night of the Living Dead
12- The Exorcist
11- Psycho
10- The Shining
9- The Exorcist III
8- Night of the Living Dead
Jacob's Ladder
6- Un Chien Andalou
5- Poltergeist
4- Alien
3- The Shining
2- Carrie
1- Mulholland Drive


#11 PSYCHO (1960)

Janet Leigh is taking the shower, relaxing, oblivious to the world when a shadow appears outside the curtain. That mind-bending shrieking violin music starts up and the knife goes in her naked back again, and again, and again. She falls down dead, ripping the shower curtain with her, while her blood swirls down the drain.

By today's jaded standards, the famous shower stabbing scene in Psycho isn't the most lurid thing ever captured on film, but the setup, execution, and sheer surprise value of it all was incredible. Just imagine things 40 years ago, in 1960, a slasher movie was virtually unheard of. Most killing scenes happened off camera, or with knives that seemed to kill with little or no blood. Not to mention that Leigh was the lead actress of the film, and to see her get killed halfway through the film was a tremendous surprise.


How many people have wondered if someone was outside the shower waiting to get them, after they saw this?  And hats off to Bernard Hermann, who's eerie score ranks as one of the scariest to be in any movie. His career, which spanned decades, began with creating music for Orson Welles famous "War of the Worlds" broadcast, and continued with "Citizen Kane", "Cape Fear", "Vertigo", and even "Taxi Driver." You can read more about this fantastic composer here.

I'd like to close with this swell email I got from TV Producer David Kesterson, who's brought us great magic expose specials from "The Masked Magician".

The Movie "Psycho". Year: 1960, Place: Barbers Point, Hawaii. Naval base.

I was 4 years old, my sister was 7 years old, and my brother was 11.

My beloved mother was in the naval hospital having an operation to restore her hearing, after being stone deaf for 8 years. It was visiting hours when we got there, the nurse at the front desk informed my father that children were not allowed in the rooms. My brother pipes up "Dad it's OK. I will take Sue and Dave to the movie, on the base, it's Walt Disney's 'Snow White'. Well my crying stopped right away, it would be my first movie ! So off we went with my Dad's blessing and money for snacks, too.

I was excited beyond words, as we settled down in our seats I gazed all around me, up at the beautiful ceiling and just over all the "MAGIC" that would be my first movie experience. The room was a buzz with people talking (strange there were no other children in the theatre). All of a sudden the lights dimmed and the room fell silent, chills ran down my body as the screen lit up and the movie started. Please keep in mind I am 4 years old and can't read believing I was seeing Walt Disney. Well it wasn't. It was "Psycho"!

Long story short, 2 weeks later my father took us to the Hospital on the way he said he was so proud how we have been behaving, he was going to let us go back to the movie, this week it was Walt Disney's "Pinocchio."

I Flipped out ,Screaming and crying and begging him not to make me go. My dad looked up at my brother and asked him "What was going on". my brother fessed up and my dad explained what really was going on. Then he took me, and I saw a real Walt Disney movie, Not the one a woman gets hacked to death.


-Robert Berry