100- The Wicker Man
99- Return of the Living Dead
98- To Kill A Mockingbird
97- Frankenstein
96- Blue Velvet
95- Diabolique
94- Jaws
93- Creepshow
92- Confessions of an Opium Eater
91- The Hills Have Eyes
90- Dumbo
89- The Blair Witch Project
88- Heavy Metal
87- The Shining
86- Night of The Hunter
85- Audition
84- Scanners
83- The Legend of Boggy Creek
82- The Birds
81- Tombs of the Blind Dead
80- Invasion of the Body Snatchers
79- The Crying Game
78- The Exorcist III
77- Event Horizon
76- The Shining
75- Wait Until Dark
74- Silent Scream
73- Gates of Hell
72- Poltergeist II
71- Akira
70- The Evil Dead

69- Zombie
68- Freaks
67- Prince of Darkness
66- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
65- Marathon Man
64- Poltergeist
63- The Wizard of Oz
62- When A Stranger Calls
61- The Shining
60- Pee Wee's Big Adventure
59- Jaws
58- A Clockwork Orange
57- The Exorcist
56- Psycho
55- It
54- The Changeling
53- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
52- The Ring
51- Jaws
50- An American Werewolf In London
49- Trilogy of Terror
48- The Exorcist
47- Eraserhead
46- Salem's Lot
45- Poltergeist
44- Repulsion
43- Friday The 13th
42- Seven
41- Reservoir Dogs
40- King Kong
39- The Thing
38- 28 Days Later
36- Silence of the Lambs
35- The Grudge
34- The Ring
33- Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
32- The Evil Dead 2
31- The Exorcist
30- Alien
29- Phantom of the Opera
28- The Shining
27- Full Metal Jacket
26- Dracula
25- Halloween
24- Suspiria
23- A Nightmare on Elm Street
22- The Serpent and the Rainbow
21- Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
20- Jaws
19- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
18- Nosferatu
17- Misery
16- The Thing
15- Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
14- The Blair Witch Project
13- Night of the Living Dead
12- The Exorcist
11- Psycho
10- The Shining
9- The Exorcist III
8- Night of the Living Dead
Jacob's Ladder
6- Un Chien Andalou
5- Poltergeist
4- Alien
3- The Shining
2- Carrie
1- Mulholland Drive


#70 THE EVIL DEAD (1981)

My good ol' buddy Matt at X-Entertainment wrote a great review of THE EVIL DEAD that describes the tree rape scene better than I ever could!  You can read the entire review here, but here's how he sees it!

This girl was the classic horror idiot. Assume you're in a log cabin, out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. You're already under the impression that death awaits. It's black outside. You hear a noise. What do you do? Go jump in bed with Ash and his girlfriend? Hide under the covers? Kill yourself? All three would be much, much better decisions than going outside. Fucking fool.

So yes, she goes outside. Not only does she go outside - she walks so far away from the house that nobody could hear her no matter how loud she screamed. To top this brilliant move, she starts making requests for whatever is out there to show itself. Cheryl , what were you gonna do if it did? 'A ha! I knew you were some devil spawn from Hell! GO ME!' C'mon! Sometimes it's more important to be alive than it is to be right. For Christ's sake, they just listened to the god damned audio book version of the fucking Necronomicon! You don't listen to that and then go out for a stroll in the obviously haunted woods.

What happens next is classic. She starts getting attacked by branches. Evil branches, for those guessing. These aren't like those trees from the Inhumanoids...they've got sour intentions. But their intentions aren't to simply cut up poor Cheryl...they wanna make her baby.

AHH! Now that's pretty fucking disturbing. Cheryl gets pleasured by the evil branches in cinema's first and I presume only case of rough sex between a girl and a tree. It's pretty eerie. I'm sure this was the film's way of making sure we got the tit-shot we've come to expect from horror flicks of the time, but if there ever was a scene that was an attention grabber - this was it. Nobody's going to get up for popcorn while a girl's getting raped by a tree. Not even with those subliminal popcorn messages they flick on and off.

Surprisingly, Cheryl escapes to the house, almost safe. Of course, now she's completely lost her mind, but that's pretty much a given progression of things after one has unsolicited sex with plant-life.

Cheryl 's a victim in the truest sense of the word, telling her friends that there's bad shit going on, but neglecting to mention the steamy details. Hey, I'd be pretty embarrassed too. Could you imagine if this girl was a virgin? It's bad enough to lose it when you don't want to...but to a tree? Well, I guess it has it's good points. There's no way Cheryl 's next boyfriend is going to feel inadequate about her past sexual experiences. Unless we're going by length...then I'm pretty sure the tree would win out. Unless her next boyfriend was Ahmed Johnson. So many questions, so little time, but it doesn't really make a hell of a difference, because after what Cheryl goes through next, her future sex life is gonna be the absolute last thing on her mind.

To read the rest of Matt's review CLICK HERE!

Sam Raimi talks about financing the film, and regretting the tree rape scene.

-Robert Berry